Celebrate Valentine's Day with These Perfect Pendant Pairs

In honor of Valentine's Day, where highlighting some of our favorite pendant pairs. 



ellipse series  |  Axia & Delinea

When paired together, the brilliant proportions of the Grand and Petite Ellipse pendants complement one another to create an elegant and distinctive design.
Unique to the Crystalline Series, the Axia and Delinea pendant lights explore defined edges and a dynamic range of vibrant colors. 


pointelle series  |  Minaret & turret

Comprised of the Grand and Petite pendant, the Pointelle Series creates an enchanting cascade of light.
Born from the intricacies of Moorish architecture, the slender Turret and its wider counterpart, the Minaret, feature a hand-pulled tear-drop shape that reflects refined beauty.

BELLA & BELL JAR  |  marquise series

Celebrating iconic design, the Bell Jar and its sleeker companion, the Bella, cast glorious beams of light that are as warm as they are welcoming.
Available in three sizes, this versatile series is comprised of Niche's newest shape, the Marquise. Pendants can be clustered in multiples to create stunning visual arrangements and to showcase the dynamic partnership or individually hung in any setting.
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Posted on 2/14/19 3:30 PM by Samantha




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