A Nostalgic Glass Shape Finds a Contemporary Place

opaque white glass pendant lighting


Our new Schoolhaus modern pendant light pays homage to a nostalgic glass shape, creating a balance between time-honored forms and modern-day aesthetics. In the 1920s, bare bulbs found shelter in opaque glass globes hanging from classrooms, libraries, courthouses and kitchens. With their crisp, pragmatic lines and light-diffusing shades, schoolhouse lights were a popular choice anywhere duties took place and ambient light was needed.


brown and blue glass pendant lighting

As demand increased, the original white flared globe soon took on hand-painted color, more geometric forms, and fancier metal fittings.

pink glass pendant lighting

Niche is offering a new variety of translucent colored glass along with three different metal hardware finishes to further advance the evolution of this timeless lighting silhouette. Where do you see your Schoolhaus pendant today?


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Posted on 10/23/14 10:46 AM by Katie