Team Niche: Now All Under One Roof!

It's been a long time coming, but the entire Niche team finally inhabits one building. It was an easy move across the parking lot — don't worry, we're still in beautiful Beacon, New York. 

office hallway with modern glass lighting

Above our factory level, we've renovated the mezzanine and transformed it into our shiny, new offices, conference room and photo studio. Of course, Niche pendants had to make an office lighting appearance! Our Crystalline pendant lights line the hallway in the Condesa, Crystal, Rose and Gray glass colors.

modern glass lighting in office hallway hot glass factory


A narrow hallway lined with windows provides a bird's eye view into our hot shop for a fun perspective of the glass-blowing process.

hot glass factory

View the Crystalline Series

Posted on 10/1/15 4:45 PM by Katie