Introducing Niche's Pinch Modern Pendant

Dive in, get mesmerized and fall in love with the irresistible Pinch Series, the newest addition to our line of luxuriously hand-blown glass pendants. Over the bar, the dinner table, the side of the bed or dangling dreamily above a dark pond on an autumn evening, we think you'll agree the Pinch is purely magical. Check out the video or explore the full story here




Playful and refined at the same time, the Pinch modern pendant is offered in a variety of Prisma and Chroma colors. Corseted in the center, generously curved from top to bottom, these unique pendants are handmade with reverence for detail. Take a closer look at the Pinch Series and all the ways its symmetry brings balance and beauty to any environment. 

Posted on 11/4/16 3:29 PM by Samantha