One Pendant light. Two sizes. Endless possibilities.

amber and gray glass pendant lights





Did you know that our Pointelle pendants come in not one, but two sizes? The Pointelle Grand and Petite complement one another, especially when installing more than one pendant. They are perfect for each other…and perfect for you!



large colorful glass pendant lights



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The Pointelle Grand pendant light is a classic teardrop shape and is available in an array of colors. Select from our signature transparent glass colors or add some elegance with our new textured glass styles - Optique and Torrent.



small colorful glass pendant lights



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On the smaller end of the spectrum, the Pointelle Petite pendant shines just as much as its larger counterpart! The slender silhouette works great by itself, in multiples, or paired with its more voluptuous partner.



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Posted on 11/11/15 10:24 AM by Katie