Niche Handmade Pendant Lights Spotted in Exotic California Residence

A Trio of Pharos Pendants in Gray Glass Hangs above the Vanity

Tucked into the hillsides of Marin County, California, this extraordinary yet contemporary home draws inspiration from the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area environment. Dawson Clinton, a full-service contracting firm, worked hand-in-hand with the clients to create an ideal space that can be appreciated for both its aesthetic beauty and functionality. Among the exoctic animals and exhibition of artifacts situated throughout the home, Niche handmade pendant lights can be found adding a modern touch to this eclectic interior.

The Gray Glass Complements the Design Elements in the Bathroom 

In the master bathroom, a trio of Pharos pendants in Gray glass hangs above two vessel sinks. The color of our Gray glass adds to the neutral palette, complementing the marble floor, paneled cabinets, and pebbled stone tile that adorn the walls of the vanity and double shower.

The Master Bedroom Overlooks the Natural Landscape of Marin

The bathroom is visible from the conjoining master bedroom, equipped with a fireplace and home theater system that can elegantly be tucked away when not in use. The glass doors open up to a balcony that overlooks the natural landscape of Marin, helping to tie together the varied yet complementary styles.

The Master Bedroom

Pharos Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 12/22/16 3:52 PM by Samantha