Niche Employee Spotlight: Matt

glass being coldworked



Say hello to Matt, one of our cold shop employees! You can find Matt finishing our pendants by hand every step of the way - hot-popping, hanging, grinding, polishing, beveling - he does it all!



1. You had never worked with glass before coming to Niche! What’s your favorite part about working with glass? Least favorite? 

I like that it feels like more of an artistic craft than simply just grinding glass; that compounded with learning about some of the science and process behind everything definitely makes it enjoyable. Least favorite is that we sometimes have to repeat steps over and over to get it just right and that can be frustrating.



2.  We heard you’re into writing screen plays. Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

I graduated with an English degree, so I’m very much into reading and writing on pretty much all sides - novels, science, screenwriting, etc.




glass being coldworked glass pendant light




3. Christmas is quickly approaching!  What is your favorite part? 

Despite the cold weather, there seems to be a warmth in the air.



4. What’s your favorite thing to do in Beacon or the Hudson Valley? Why? 

I like Beacon because Main Street seems to have a very diverse span of local business. Outdoor activities in the Hudson Valley are always fun year-round; no matter what season it is, the outside is pretty gorgeous.




glass being coldworked




5. What is your favorite Niche pendant shape and color combo? 

The Turret pendant light in Sapphire. 




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Posted on 11/30/15 2:48 PM by Katie