Niche Celebrates the Holiday Season with Hand-blown Crystal Glass Pendants

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Is there any scene more satisfying than a pristine patch of snow - a small sliver of silvery, sparkling white without a single footprint? Our glass has a way of shimmering like the moon's reflection on a winter night. The holidays are filled with magical moments like these - blinking bulbs weaved through enchanted evergreens and the season’s first snowflakes gently falling from the sky, each one uniquely special. Like our handmade glass, each one is intricate and complex, taking on a variety of stunningly translucent shapes and patterns, drawing attention to every curve and angle. See the snow fall in our newest holiday video

The Pinch Pendant in Crystal Glass

At Niche, we understand the joy that comes from designing, creating and handcrafting unique, pristine glass products - made and packaged with thought and care and love therein. For over a decade, our modern lighting products have adorned thousands of rooms all over the world, illuminating interiors with a glow as warm and as magical as the first snowfall of winter. It is our pleasure to have our luxurious modern pendant lighting serve as the backdrop for these magical moments that become lasting memories.

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Our signature hand-blown Crystal glass pendants are coldworked and inspected by our skilled artisans to meet exceptional standards of craftsmanship. We melt the most pristine raw materials from the best sources in the world to make the highest quality glass products. We are constantly perfecting and improving our process to bring you the most optically beautiful Crystal pendants.

Niche Crystal Pendants


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