Helio Prisma's Premiere!

Don't like change? Don't worry! Our new Helio pendant is also available in our signature glass colors that you already know and love - Crystal, Gray, Amber, Chartreuse, Condesa, Smoke, Effervescent, Sapphire, Plum, Rose, Crimson, and Chocolate. These classic, transparent colors make up the Helio Prisma Collection! Helio is compact, versatile, and ready to make a statement no matter where you are in the world with it's 120v and 240v lamping capabilities.


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Pop a unique Plumen bulb into your new Helio pendant, and not only do you have a striking piece of glass, you're also saving energy! The Plumen bulb is designed to be showcased instead of hidden, so why not show off your environmentally sound choice, too?

You can keep your Helio pendant timeless and streamlined with the incandescent Beacon Bulb. The warm, amber glow of these old-style filaments will provide a nostalgic feeling to any environment. In addition to the 120 and 240 volt setting, this bulb is also available in 30 or 60 watts.

If you want the best of both worlds, then you're in for a real treat! The Helio Prisma pendant is also compatible with the LED Vintage Tube bulb. Similar in shape to the Beacon bulb, the LED Vintage Tube bulb saves energy without losing that vintage feel. This dimmable bulb only uses 2.5 watts and is a great solution when energy efficiency is required.

With so many choices, the Helio is totally customizable to fit your space AND your personality. Can't pick just one? Add a Niche Pack Canopy to sway your decision! Be on the look out for when Helio is available online!

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