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Multi-Pendant Modern Chandeliers Group Pod Pendants in These 2 Spaces

Written by Samantha | 8/22/17 6:00 PM

Get inspired by two spaces that use Multi-Pendant Modern Chandeliers to group Pod pendants. Then, shop the Pod modern pendant lighting sale to recreate these designs in your own home. From now until August 24, when you purchase three Pod pendants, you'll get a FREE Circular-3 or Linear-3 Multi-Pendant Canopy*! 

1. Modern Living Room Lighting

Designed by Hagen Black Interiors, this living room features a Circular-3 Modern Chandelier with Pod pendants in Plum glass. Hanging from varying drop lengths above a gathering table, Niche Pod pendants create a stunning centerpiece, helping the homeowners work and relax under a beautiful handmade fixture. 

2. Modern Kitchen Lighting

A trio of Pod pendants in Gray glass adorns the kitchen island designed by Leanne Ford Interiors. Hanging from a Linear-3 Modern Chandelier, the Pod pendants create a stunning display of kitchen lightingThe signature color of our Gray glass complements the interiors neutral, earthy palette, especially the concrete floor and poured-in-place countertop.