Modern Restaurant Pendant Lights Add to Charm of Popular Dallas Eatery

Modern Restaurant Pendant Lights Add to Charm of Dallas Eatery

Located within The Joule hotel, a revitalized 1920s neo-landmark building set in the heart of Dallas' central business district, CBD Provisions is an acclaimed modern Texas restaurant for both guests and locals alike. The restaurant serves sustainable and locally-sourced natural bounty that reflects the culinary traditions of Texas with a contemporary point of view. Inside the casual-chic eatery designed by Claudia Woods sets the stage for the warm and social character of a big city brasserie. A grouping of Niche modern pendant lights adorn the interior, adding to its undeniable charm. 

Effervescent Modern Restaurant Pendant Lights

Niche Bell Jar pendants in Effervescent glass hang above guests as they dine in CBD Provisions, where exposed brick walls, salvaged wood floors, leather banquettes, and a fully-exhibited kitchen evoke historic downtown Dallas. The texture of our Effervescent glass adds to the rustic aesthetic while creating a unique dining experience. The multiple junction boxes and varying drop lengths help to visually define the space, allowing the display of modern restaurant pendant lights to capture the eye's attention.

CBD Provisions Bar

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