Baby Plumen 001: A Twist on Niche Modern Lighting


Niche Modern Bella Pendant with Baby Plumen 001

Niche Modern was recently featured by Apartment Therapy in a post introducing the Baby Plumen 001 from Hulger. The 9-watt Baby Plumen bulb is meant to replace a 40-watt incandescent in the latest from the energy saving line of sculptural designer bulbs by Hulger. The Baby Plumen offers the same energy-saving benefits of the original Plumen 001, but comes in a more compact form to fit fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs.

Niche Modern's lineup of modern pendants is the ideal location for the Baby Plumen 001. Our translucent shades and vibrant hues provide the focal point the Baby Plumen 001 demands. These sculptural designer bulbs pair well with our nature inspired pendants, adding a unique twist to our traditional incandescent-focused aesthete. Situated in the center of our pendants, the Baby Plumen 001 casts a warm glow and intricate design that catches the eye. Check out Plumen's photo shoot of our Bella, Oculo, Solitaire, and Terra featuring the Baby Plumen 001 to get a taste of what is to come. Look for the 120v Baby Plumen 001 later this year when it is released to the North American market.


A Hand-blown Terra Pendant Light using a Baby Plumen 001 Bulb



A Handmade Solitaire Pendant using a Baby Plumen 001 Bulb


The Blown-Glass Oculo Pendant with Baby Plumen 001