Niche Modern Surpasses 20,000 Facebook Fans


Niche Modern Surpasses 20000 Facebook Fans

Last year we began to look at Facebook as a means of reaching out to you all, specifically when we couldn't interact with you directly as we like to do most often. Earlier this week we crossed the 20,000 Facebook fan threshold into super stardom, but more importantly, toward a deeper community. Having you all with us is starting to feel like we're embedded within a city of our own filled with people who all think alike about lighting and its importance in the world of design, architecture and art.

Thank you all for hopping aboard the train on this journey that we've chosen to embark on. We honestly couldn't do it without you, foremost. Please, share your thoughts and remarks with us here or on Facebook. And stay tuned for an eventful 2012. We love you all!

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