Kitchen Island Pendant Lights Spotted Inside Smyth Hotel Apartment

Located in the Smyth Hotel and designed by Bromley Caldari Architects, this downtown Manhattan apartment provides a comfortable place to live, work, and entertain guests. Inside, kitchen island pendant lights create a simple but stunning centerpiece of hand-blown glass lighting. 

Kitchen Island Pendant Lights - Pod Pendants

Two Pod pendants in Smoke glass hang above the island in this open concept kitchen. The Pod modern pendant light funnels light delicately through its long, cylindrical shape and is finished with our dramatic, signature inward curvature. Our signature Smoke glass stands out against the dark hardwood floors, black cabinets and stainless steel appliances while complementing the white walls and marble countertops. 

Kitchen Island Pendant Lights - Pod Pendants

Are you hanging more than one pendant above your kitchen island? Try using the Linear-2 Modern Chandelier, which allows you to easily combine any two light fixtures with a single electrical junction box. The color, shape and drop length are up to you, making each installation truly unique. 

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Modern Kitchen Island Lighting Project Details

Project Name Smyth Apartment

Location New York, New York

Architect Bromley Caldari Architects

Products Used Pod pendants in Smoke glass

Posted on 5/26/17 6:00 PM by Samantha