How to Hang a Modern Glass Chandelier

how to hang a modern chandelier


So, you're awaiting the day you receive your wonderful, new Niche chandelier. What do you do until then? Read up on how to hang your modern glass chandelier, of course!

CAUTION! Before you begin:

Be sure the power is turned off by either removing the fuse or shutting off the circuit breaker.

Installing your Niche chandelier is pretty straightforward, but we always suggest that you work with a certified electrician to ensure proper installation. An electrician can also install your lights on a dimmer switch if using dimmable bulbs. This is highly recommended.


Standard Chandelier Parts:

(A) Junction Box

(B) Cross Bar

(C) Electrical Wires

(D) Hang Straight Canopy

(E) Four 6" Removable Rods

(F) Central Hub

(G) Chandelier Arms

(H) Threaded Socket

(I) Glass Shade

(J) Shade Ring

1. Choose The Height

Each Solitaire and Pod Chandelier comes with four 6" rods (E) allowing you to easily adjust the height.


2. Wire It Up

Your chandelier includes everything you need to install directly into a junction box. Thread the wire (C) through the included parts. Connect the light fixture wires to the wires in the junction box (A), followed by attaching the crossbar (B) and the canopy (D). Your electrician will be able to help you with these steps.


3. The Final Moment

Connect each glass shade (I) to an electrical socket (H) with the shade ring (J), making sure to alternate sides of the chandelier to balance evenly during connection. 


Finally, insert your bulbs and flip the switch!



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Posted on 4/11/16 3:43 PM by Katie