Helio Chroma Sports New Glass Pendant Lighting Colors!

glass pendant lighting colors

At Niche, our team melts the most pristine raw materials to make the most consistent and highest quality glass. We are constantly perfecting our color range to give you the most beautiful glass possible! Get to know the new colors!

We've truly outdone ourselves with our new glass pendant lighting colors that encompass bold and luxurious hues. Joining Tulip, Clementine, and Opaline, we are pleased to introduce Flamingo, Tangerine, Mint, Kiwi, Jade, Storm, and Cielo to complete this chromatic bunch!

Have you seen all of our Helio Chroma color palette yet? Find your favorite and start shopping our limited time sale for 20% off your Helio pendant or Pack Canopy purchase! Use code HELLOHELIO at checkout!

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Posted on 8/19/15 8:50 AM by Katie