Get our Modern Lighting Product Binder for your Clients and Showroom

modern lighting product binderWith our Binder and Glass Sample Kit, there’s a simple way to keep all of Niche's modern lighting organized for your next project! The full-color binder is a great resource for your materials library or showroom so that you can easily present our product range to your clients. Each binder kit you purchase will come with a set of our most popular transparent glass colors: Crystal, Amber, Crimson, Chocolate, Sapphire, Smoke, Gray, Plum, Rose, Condesa, and Effervescent. 

The Binder and Glass Sample Kit is available for $14.95 and includes shipping within the United States and Canada. If you are located overseas please contact our sales team for shipping information. Alternatively, we are happy to waive the cost of the Binder and Glass Sample Kit when you provide us with your UPS or FedEx account for shipping.


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