Solitaire Pendant Lights at Boerum Hill Residence

CWB Architects, a Brooklyn based firm, are experts in the field of historic renovations. They focus on maintaining the integrity of a space while adapting it for modern living. With a particular strength in row houses, CWB recently took on this Boerum Hills residence. The end result is a space that is simultaneously elegant and modest. 

Modern Entryway Lighting

CWB chose to hang Niche Solitaire pendant lights in Smoke glass over the stairwell entrance. Our hanging pendants can be seen from the enclosed patio, and the lights guide the eye upwards as you ascend the stairwell. Our signature Smoke glass complements the beige tones and wood accents featured throughout the interior. Each of the five pendants is staggered in height with our adjustable cord sets. The finished product is effortlessly integrated throughout the space.

Modern Entryway Lighting

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Project Boerum Hill Nest

Location Brooklyn, NY

Architect Brendan CoburnCWB Architects

Designer: Erin Fearins, Welch Interior Design

Photographer Francis Dzikowski

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