Niche Modern Goes Global

It's great to see how popular modern lighting is in the global market at large right now. These New Delhi and Mumbai interiors are shining examples of the way a simple, custom cluster of Niche Modern lighting can boost the mood of a room. Both interiors were designed by Rajiv Saini & Associates. We love the mix of pendant shapes and colors and the way they were integrated into each unique modern design environment.

Modern Pendant Lighting Project Details

Project: New Delhi and Mumbai Residential Interiors
Location: New Delhi and Mumbai, India
Designer: Rajiv Saini, Rajiv Saini & Associates
Reference: Contemporist (New Delhi), Architonic (Mumbai)
Handblown glass pendant lights used (New Delhi): Stamen Modern Pendant Light (2), Oculo Modern Pendant Light (1), Pod Modern Pendant Light (2)
(2nd image) Handblown glass pendant lights used (Mumbai): Stamen Modern Pendant Light, Encalmo-Stamen Modern Pendant Light, Pod Modern Pendant Light, Pharos Modern Pendant Light, Bella Modern Pendant Light


A Cluster of Niche Modern Pendant Lights in a Rajiv Saini & Associates Interior


Niche Modern Pendant Light Cluster in a Private Residence in Mumbai

Posted on 5/19/12 6:00 AM by Daniel Fiege