An Artist's Space: The Upstate, NY studio of Emil Alzamora

New York-based artist, Emil Alzamora was recently featured on the website His work, which is mostly sculptural is both figurative and surreal and balances recognizable humanistic forms with impossible exaggeration. Process is a great consideration for Emil and each of his sculptures is informed by the material it embodies. The style of his sophisticated Upstate, NY home and studio is defined in the similar fashion, with a carefully curated attention to material.


We love the airy feel to the open floor plan and the the elegant mix of stamen and pod pendants reflecting each other through the dinning area to the kitchen. Neutral color choices in clear and smoke accent the the artists' rich collection of sculptural wall pieces.

Featured Product - The Pod Pendant

Check out more of Emil's work here:


"The more you know about materials, the more doors open up in your own work.” - Emil Alzamora

Posted on 4/10/14 7:39 AM by Marisa




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