Denver House Features Pharos Pendant Lights over Kitchen Island

We are thrilled to have been included in this state-of-the-art architectural build in Denver. Designed by Studio H:T, this home accommodates the client's wishes, providing them with ample privacy from the public decks of the adjacent three story triplex. This element becomes the focus of the residence, both visually and experientially. It acts as sun catcher that brings light down through the house from morning until early afternoon. At night it becomes a glowing, welcoming sail for visitors. Inside, Niche modern kitchen lighting also works to create an inviting atmosphere for the homeowners and their friends. 

Niche Modern Pharos Pendant Lights over a Kitchen Island in Denver Shield House

Hanging above the sleek kitchen island, our Pharos pendants help to visually define the space in their linear arrangement. Used in Amber glass, these pendant lights bring warmth to the space, complementing the yellow accents and rich wood featured throughout the interior. Niche Pharos pendants provide a tasteful flare to balance the unique textures and patterns found throughout the open floor plan. 

Pharos Modern Pendant Light

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting Details

Project Shield House

Location Denver, Colorado

Designer Studio H:T

Photographer Raul Garcia