Track Systems FAQ

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Can I use the lights on a track system?

Yes, but the cost of customizing a cord set with a track connector is not included in our pricing.

We would simply need to know the name of the track system and the length of the drop you require and we would have the track connectors customized accordingly. This process can take roughly 2 weeks.

What kind of track systems are compatible?

The track systems we can work with are:
• Halo (most common)
• Juno
• Lightolier

HALO and JUNO are very similar type connectors except that Halo connectors have 3 metal pins and Juno have 2 metal pins.

Your track system may be HALO or JUNO compatible but actually be manufactured by another vendor.

How much do track connectors cost?

Enabling your Niche Modern light to work with a track system requires that each cord set be custom wired.

Cost will vary depending on which track system you need.
Please call us for exact pricing information and we would be happy to give you an estimate.

Does Niche supply the track system?

Niche Modern only supplies the customized cord set with track connector.

We do not supply the actual track itself. You will need to source that through your local lighting store, electrical supplier, or contractor.

Posted on 12/2/04 1:09 PM by niche modern lighting