Light Bulbs FAQ

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What kind of bulbs are used?

All of the bulbs for the Silica Series use specialty incandescent bulbs.

These are the same format as a normal bulb socket, but the shape of the bulbs are unique and rather than being a frosted bulb, the glass is clear so that the filaments are visible.

The bulbs we use with our fixtures play a huge role in the design and integrity of each piece. They range in wattage and longevity.

We stock the bulbs for easy re-order and each of our lights is sold with a bulb included.

How many watts are the bulbs?

The bulbs vary in wattage depending on the design.

The following fixtures use 75W bulbs:
Bell Jar

The Solitaire uses a 40W Edison bulb.

The Terra uses a total of four 15W bulbs that amount to 60W.

The Aurora uses either a 20W or a 40W bulb.

Where do I get replacement bulbs?

Niche Modern sells replacement bulbs as a courtesy to our customers. Please email us which bulb you need to replace.

We do not currently sell bulbs separately to non-customers. Please have your original order # or the name under which your order was placed when requesting replacement bulbs.

Most of the bulbs can be sourced through larger bulb suppliers, although you may pay a premium for smaller quantities, so be sure to check with us first.

How long do the bulbs last?

Most of the bulbs are rated between 2000 - 3000 hours (your mileage may vary).

While some of the bulbs are quite durable and resilient, the tubular filament bulbs are fragile and do need to be handled with care.

See this article on the latest about the false economy of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL).