Enter our 12th Anniversary Giveaway to win a Customized Modern Glass Chandelier

There are so many ways you can customize your Pack-4 Chandelier if you're the lucky winner of our 12th Anniversary Giveaway! Sign up between now and January 24th to be entered to win! Take a look at the customization options you have with the Pack-4 Chandelier.


Glass Shape


The Pack-4 boasts tightly grouped bouquets of our two most slender and compact pendant lights - the Helio and Pharos.


Glass Color


Our Pharos pendant light is available in our 11 signature colors. The Helio pendant light is available in two color series - the Prisma color series is home to the signature colors while the Chroma color series consists of bright, pop colors



Helio pendant light in Storm with Philips SlimStyle bulb Pharos pendant light in Gray glass at uniform length



Bulb Style 


The Pharos pendant light uses either the incandescent Long Filament bulb or the LED Long Filament bulb. With the Helio pendant light, choose from the LED Beacon bulb, incandescent Beacon bulb, Philips SlimStyle bulb, or the sculptural Baby Plumen 001 bulb.



Drop Lengths


Keep your pendant light cords all at the same length for a uniform effect or stagger them for a cascading display.



 Helio pendant light in Cielo with Baby Plumen 001 bulb Helio pendant light in Smoke glass at staggered lengths




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Posted on 1/15/16 2:05 PM by Katie