Niche x Plumen

Plumen, the creators of award-winning fluorescent light bulbs, recently spoke with our creative director, Jeremy Pyles, about our latest collection of energy efficient pendant lighting. The Crystalline Series was designed with Plumen bulbs in mind, and is quite possibly the most versatile of any Niche pendant collection to date! The Crystalline lamping system can be configured for 120V or 240V and is perfect for both domestic and international use. While a classic tubular incandescent bulb still remains an option, the Plumen epitomizes a modern, eye-catching aesthetic.


The angles and edges of the Crystalline pendants pair flawlessly with the sophisticated, sculptural shape of the Plumen bulb. With its’ attractive form, the Plumen bulb allows customers to make an environmentally sound choice without having to compromise on elegance and style. Plumen bulbs are designed to be shown instead of hidden, and Niche’s vivid translucent glass pendants make this unique bulb a centerpiece, rather than an afterthought. The Baby Plumen Bulb 001 is available now worldwide.

Check out the Baby Plumen 001!

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