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Create an Instantly Timeless Space with Crystal Handmade Clear Glass

Written by Jessica | 9/15/16 12:01 PM

Go classic with the Niche signature Crystal glass color. Our handmade clear glass ensures premium quality through optimal clarity and thickness. Each piece of glass is handblown, coldworked and inspected by an intimate group of skilled craftsmen to meet our high standards.

Handmade Clear Glass Modern Pendant Lights

Modern pendant lights in Crystal glass bring vitality to any space. Hang a single pendant over a small table, or group them with a multi-pendant modern chandelier to brighten up a room in style.

Handmade Clear Glass Modern Chandeliers

Light up your entryway, dining table or lounge area with a modern chandelier with Crystal glass shades. A perfect balance of minimalism and sophistication, Niche's modern chandeliers are highly customizable and make a classic statement.

Handmade Clear Glass Modern Tabletop

Create an elegant centerpiece with a modern vase in Crystal glass. Dress up your table with a carafe and matching drinking glasses. Bringing Niche's modern tabletop collection together with our signature Crystal glass will showcase any surface.