Inspiration Behind the Helio Pendant's Contemporary Colored Glass

Our classic glass pendant lighting colors are tried and true because they stem from the eye-catching details of every day life! At Niche, we are always seeking beauty in the simple things. Helio Prisma pendants encompass just that — a simple and sleek silhouette with the classic, traditional colors to match. Get inspired by the Helio pendant's contemporary colored glass. 

brown glass pendant light

1. Chocolate Colored Glass

Is your dessert of choice a rich, chocolate cake? Then the Helio Prisma pendant in our Chocolate colorway is sure to suit your taste! Pun intended.

pink glass pendant light

2. Rose Colored Glass 

Roses are red, violets are blue, Helio is here waiting for you! We know not all roses are red which is why Niche’s Rose glass is the perfect shade of brilliant pink!

blue glass pendant light

3. Sapphire Colored Glass  

Like the facets of the striking gem itself, our Sapphire glass is fit for a king or queen!

clear bubble glass pendant light

4. Effervescent Colored Glass 

Niche's Effervescent glass makes for a bold statement and a unique, bubbly twist on pendant lighting.

Helio Series

Any number of these gorgeous, transparent colored glass pendant lights should find their way into your home! Right now Niche is offering 20% off Helio pendants and Pack Canopies through August 24th. Use coupon code HELLOHELIO online at checkout! Just like Helio's shape and colors, it's that easy! You only have a few days left to pick your perfect color palette so start browsing the collection now!

Posted on 8/21/15 9:56 AM by Katie