Fairhaven Residence Features Stamen Modern Pendant

Posted on 5/9/13 1:30 PM



Encalmo-Stamen Pendants at Le Ka

Posted on 5/7/13 1:30 PM

Sandra Costa did a fantastic job at Le Ka, a recently completed project at the old 1969 Crocker Bank building in downtown Los Angeles. This transformation is stunning in its beautiful design and treatment of the space. Le Ka is a 10,000 sq.ft. upscale restaurant that features multiple private dining areas, a large fireplace, and 20ft. wine cellar that holds thousands of bottles of wine. The ethos of the restaurant is relaxing and creates a cozy atmosphere.
To solve the issue of the large ceilings, Sandra included the Encalmo-Stamen, a pendant crafted by fusing two different sets of colored glass that creates a truly unique piece. The Amber and Chocolate Encalmo-Stamen featured in Le Ka adds warmth and a unique layering effect in the grand dining hall. Sandra also placed our Encalmo-Stamen pendants in a smaller dining that allows private guests to experience the natural beauty and design of the Encalmo-Stamen


Stamen Modern Pendant in Dining Room

Posted on 5/2/13 1:36 PM

We were so excited to see everyone at the Semi Annual Factory Sale during Beacon Open Studios. The whole Niche family loved the great weather, fine refreshments, and being able to meet our fans, followers, and lovers of Niche.


Pharos Modern Pendants in Yaletown Loft

Posted on 4/30/13 1:29 PM


Pharos Pendant Lights in Smoke


Beacon Open Studios 2013

Posted on 4/22/13 10:52 AM

We want to thank everyone who joined us for our 2013 Factory Sale in conjunction with Beacon Open Studios! It was a great time to relax, open our factory for live glass-blowing demonstrations, and to meet our fans. And if you were one of those lucky few to snag our pendants online, but couldn't get to us in person, take a sneak peek at our factory sale below! We look forward to seeing you all again at our next factory sale.


Modern Restaurant Lighting at Verde Pizza

Posted on 4/15/13 1:30 PM


Plumen 001: A Twist on Niche Modern

Posted on 4/12/13 1:58 PM

Hulger, traditionally known by their cell phone accessories, has branched off into the lighting field. Fueled by a love for design and lack of innovation in the field, Hulger created the "world's first designer energy saving light bulb" aptly named Plumen 001. Taking inspiration from the plume of a bird's feathers and "lumen", the unit of light, the Plumen seeks to fill the role of aesthetically pleasing design with the function and energy savings of a CFL.


2013 Factory Sale

Posted on 4/1/13 1:41 PM


Pod Pendants Steal the Show

Posted on 3/11/13 1:50 PM

Check out Niche's Pod Modern Pendant in Smoke at the talent lounge in this year's Grammy awards. Featured by Seyie Design, our Pod pendants are hanging out with some of today's biggest musicians. Click here to see our entire Pod pendant lineup and take a peek at the Grammy's talent tent below!


Pod Pendants in Millenium Tower

Posted on 3/1/13 12:58 PM


Niche Pod Modern Pendants