American-Made: Not Just a Trend

handmade glass lighting



Streetsensea design and strategy firm specializing in retail, restaurant, hospitality, and real estate solutions, featured Niche in a line-up of American-made brands and products. Investing in quality, locally-made products at a slightly higher cost is important because it invests back into the community. Additionally, American-made goods tell a strong story - the research, creativity, and "good old sweat equity" is evident in the craftsmanship of each piece. Here's what Streetsense had to say about Niche:


Each statement glass fixture is designed and hand-blown in their upstate New York factory. Niche Modern is proud of their ability to maintain keen oversight over the quality of each individual fixture. They offer a broad range of industrial-inspired fixture options from tabletop to chandeliers.


Be sure to check out the full, ongoing list of American-made products over on the Streetsense blog. 

Posted on 11/3/15 2:10 PM by Katie