3 Hotels with Modern Pendant Lighting Clusters

Niche modern pendant lighting is the perfect enhancement for a hotel or hospitality interior. Large groupings of our signature silhouettes make the perfect statement, whether it be in the lounge, restaurant or bar, lobby, or guest rooms. Your guests will surely enjoy their stay in style beneath hand-blown glass pendant lighting. Get inspired by these three hotels with modern pendant lighting clusters.

Pendant Lighting Clusters at EVEN Hotel Norwalk

1. EVEN Hotel Norwalk

The EVEN Hotel brand aims to combine activity, wellness and balance while you travel. The EVEN Hotel in Norwalk, Connecticut features a Pack-4 Modern Chandelier with Pharos pendants in Crystal glass. This fixture boasts tightly grouped bouquets of our Pharos and Helio pendants. The color of the glass and drop lengths are up to you, making each installation completely unique. The sleek, compact fixture at the EVEN Hotel is used for maximum impact and works wonders at the tiny bar. 

Pendant Lighting Clusters at Downtown Denver Hyatt

2. Downtown Denver Hyatt

The decor in the Grand Hyatt Denver captures the beauty and spirit of Colorado culture. Guests are greeted in the lobby and lounge area by a dazzling display of Niche's Encalmo Stamen pendant lights in Chocolate-Smoke glass, which look spectacular hanging from the high, wood panel ceiling overhead. This pairing of Chocolate and Smoke warms up the communal space and complements the dark wood table tops, leather chairs, and fireplaces stacked in chiseled stone.

Pendant Lighting Clusters at Hilton Grands Vacation Club

3. Ocean 22 by Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Conceptualized by Garvin Design Groupthe Ocean 22 by Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Myrtle Beach features a colorful configuration of Niche modern hotel lobby lighting. Classic pendants like the Stamen, Pod, Pharos, Minaret, Aurora, Turret, Stargazer, and Oculo hang from individual junction boxes, helping to visually define the space. The Amber, Sapphire, Gray, Smoke and Chocolate glass colors complement each other beautifully and work well with the furniture and beach-inspired accessories featured throughout the interior.


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