Bedroom Pendant Lighting Brings Warmth to Upper East Side Residence

Posted on 6/27/17 9:26 AM

Designed by Noha Hassan Designs, this Upper East Side home — which was completely transformed after a gut renovation — is both artistic and functional. The modernist yet warm style reflects the location, lifestyle, and personality of the clients. We are thrilled that Niche bedroom pendant lighting fit the tone of the space and we couldn't be happier with the result.


Floating Home in Seattle Features Niche Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

Posted on 6/26/17 1:41 PM

This home by E. Cobb Architects and G Little Construction is not your typical home; instead of being situated on land, it floats on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. The actual structure of the home was built in the Port Townsend Shipyard before it was lowered into the water and sent two hours South East to Seattle (watch a timelapse video of its journey), where it is now occupied by residents who were ever-present during the building process. 


Handmade Dining Room Pendant Lights Complement Home in Park City, Utah

Posted on 6/23/17 11:39 AM

Located in Park City Utah, just minutes from world-renowned ski resorts, this 4,350-square-foot home features an incredibly minimalist style. Designed by Imbue Design and Benchmark Modern, this residence's arrangement draws inspiration from the natural mountains and evergreens that surround the property. We were thrilled to find modern dining room pendant lights inside this gorgeous home. 


Bathroom Pendant Lighting Adds Sophisticated Touch to Couple's Condo

Posted on 6/21/17 6:00 PM

Alexis Bednyak Design and Searl Lamaster Howe teamed up to renovate a condominium for a young couple living in Chicago's West Tower Place. Together they set out to create an impactful space with a clean aesthetic, successfully achieving this look by incorporating neutral tones and simple accents. We are pleased to see that Niche handmade bathroom pendant lighting fit into their stunning design plan.


3 Geometric Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen

Posted on 6/20/17 7:00 PM

The Crystalline Series contains silhouettes that combine bold hues with defined angles to create playful contemporary lighting. When hung in clusters, these silhouettes create unique and eye-catching modern lighting displays. Here are three projects that incorporate geometric pendant lights above a kitchen island.


3 Bright and Sunny Dining Room Lighting Installations We Love

Posted on 6/19/17 6:00 PM

Dining room pendant lighting is sure to spice up your gathering space! Whether you add a single pendant or a cluster of complementary silhouettes over your dining table, Niche hand-blown glass lights create a unique centerpiece in any space. Get inspired by three bright and sunny dining room lighting installations. 


4 Places to Hang the Stargazer Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 6/16/17 2:05 PM

The Stargazer Modern Pendant Light

Given the simple, sensual shape and the inspiring, generous palette of available colors, the Stargazer is a delightful pendant in any environment. The classic shape dazzles on its own, in clusters, or in lines of multiples. Get inspired by four places to hang the Stargazer modern pendant light. 


Modern Pendant Lighting Completes Writer's Childhood Brooklyn Home

Posted on 6/15/17 2:14 PM

A writer and photographer moved back to his childhood building in Brooklyn after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 14 years. The homeowner undertook the project by himself, starting from scratch and spending his free time hunting through New York City's furniture stores and browsing websites to find the pieces that complement his style. Eventually, he was able to design a space that is cohesive, yet evokes different eras and settings. We are thrilled to see Niche modern pendant lighting from our Factory Sale in this home. We couldn't be happier with how our hand-blown lights tie the overall feel of the environment together. 


5 Modern Interiors with Niche's Sola Contemporary Chandelier

Posted on 6/14/17 4:45 PM

Niche's Solitaire glass is minimalistic and straightforward in its presentation, making it a classic silhouette for any environment. Paired with our Sola Chandelier and Solitaire Chandelier, these fixtures create stunning centerpieces, perfect for hospitality, retail, and residential settings. The glass color, metal finish, and overall height of the chandeliers are up to you, making each installation completely unique. Get inspired by 5 modern interiors with Niche's contemporary chandeliers.


Multi-Pendant Chandelier Adorns Contemporary Colorado Townhome

Posted on 6/13/17 6:00 PM

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, this contemporary townhome exudes style and personality. Designed by Andrea Schumacher Interiors for a hip, mature couple, this residence features an extensive art collection and modern furniture that reflects the homeowners' tastes. In the breakfast room and sitting area, a Niche Multi-Pendant Chandelier adds an elegant touch and refined touch.