Welcome to the Niche Cold Shop!

Posted on 6/5/15 7:30 AM


We're not just playing with hot glass at Niche HQ! When a piece is finished in our Hot Shop, it goes into a lehr, a temperature-controlled kiln for annealing glass objects. Rapid cooling of hot glass generates an uneven temperature distribution throughout the glass, which results in stress sufficient to cause cracking before the object has reached room temperature. To prevent this, glass objects are annealed by cooling gradually in the lehr from a temperature just below the solidification point of the glass. Anneal cooling rate depends on the thickness of the glass and size of the object. When it's done, the piece is ready to be cold-worked - the collective term for techniques used to alter and finish cold glass. Here's how we do it!



Plum Pendant Pairing

Posted on 6/4/15 6:00 AM

Justrich Design is an award-winning, San Francisco interior design firm crafting spaces using the "less is more" theory. Lead by owner Steve Justrich, he describes himself as being a "minimalist and modernist by nature." Colors, patterns, textures, and geometry are attractive to Justrich, and he makes those characteristics the focus of his interiors. "My spaces reflect personality and place, and are as current as they are evocative of the past," Justrich says. A perfect example of Justrich's design approach is the Telegraph Hill House in San Francisco that features a powerful, purple pop!


Video: See What Goes on at Our Factory Sale!

Posted on 6/3/15 11:29 AM

Never been to a Niche Factory Sale? Now's your chance to plan your visit for our spring edition next weekend June 13th and 14th! Watch the video and get pumped to join us in Beacon, New York for 50-80% off savings during these two days only!


Washington Post: Contemporary Colored Lighting Strong at ICFF

Posted on 6/3/15 7:12 AM

Two weeks ago, we debuted our new Helio Pendant at ICFF in New York City. Today, we are delighted to find a tantalizing Tangerine Helio in an ICFF overview in the Washington Post! Between Retro, Minimalism, and Geometric Forms, Helio is nestled in the Bold Colors category, though we feel it can fit in all of the above! Take a look at the excerpt below and be sure to read the whole article about other great trends spotted at ICFF!


5 Reasons to Come to the Spring Factory Sale

Posted on 6/1/15 4:15 AM

1. It's in Beacon, New York

What's so great about Beacon, you ask? Everything! From an economic slump and back to a hustle-bustle, Beacon is a resilient Hudson Valley town that has withstood the test of time. During its incorporation in 1913, the newly formed city thrived. The world-famous incline railway was bringing tourists to the top of the mountain where a hotel and casino were built to entertain. At the same time, Beacon was a manufacturing hub, with several brick factories setting up shop and employing thousands (Niche's factory is a former giant fan factory). This lasted through the late 1960s; after that, the factories closed, residents sought malls, and Beacon fell into 20 years of decline. Almost 80% of the city's commercial business spaces and factories were vacant. With the opening of contemporary art museum DIA:Beacon in 2003, Beacon experienced a renaissance of art, culture, and commercialism. New generations moved into the Victorian-era housing, renovated old buildings, set up businesses, and the flourishing community was reborn. Today, Niche is a part of this prospering art and design community.


Save the Date for the Spring Factory Sale!

Posted on 5/28/15 7:41 AM


Archello Highlights Pointelle Pendant

Posted on 5/26/15 7:03 AM

Archello compiled an online showcase of products not to be missed at ICFF last weekend. Our new Pointelle Series made the cut! Pointelle is available in our signature glass colors that you already know and love - Crystal, Gray, Sapphire, Amber, and Effervescent. Now, exciting new textured options are also available - the Torrent and the Optique. Pointelle is certainly ready to shine on its own, or in a beautiful, cascading cluster. Check it out!


Niche Meets Metropolis Mag!

Posted on 5/21/15 9:47 AM

Metropolis Magazine listed Niche as one of the designers to see during NYC Design Week and ICFF! Metropolis is a national trade magazine for architects and designers that examines contemporary life through design—architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, planning, and preservation. Each year, NYCxDesign solidifies New York’s position as a design destination, and from the ICFF turn out this past weekend, we believe it!


Niche x ICFF on Instagram!

Posted on 5/19/15 12:15 PM

As ICFF comes to a close this afternoon, we're scrambling to catch up on all of your wonderful Instagram posts! Didn't get a chance to see us? Take a look at the Niche booth through the eyes of others! Be sure to follow @nichemodern on Instagram and tag #NicheModern and #iheartniche so we can see more!


Final Day of ICFF!

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Introducing the Haus Series





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