Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Niche's Cold Shop Assistant Tavon

Posted on 12/30/16 12:45 PM

Meet Tavon, a Cold Shop Assistant at Niche! Our favorite quality about him? He is incredibly outgoing and always has something positive to say. Plus, he has a beautiful singing voice that he uses all day long while he coldworks. Keep reading Tavon's employee spotlight to learn about his favorite modern pendant light and what he enjoys doing in his spare time.


Modern Kitchen Pendant Lights Featured in Home on Long Island Sound

Posted on 12/29/16 4:35 PM

Built in 1903, this Mediterranean-style home in Greenwich, Connecticut recently underwent a serious renovation that was spearheaded by Neiman Taber Architects and Jamie Drake Associates. Located on the Long Island Sound, the main focus of this remodel was to highlight the surrounding view. As part of the alterations, 3,500 extra square feet were added to the already existing 6,000, making room for a terrace that runs the entire length of the main house and addition, a three-car garage, gym, poolhouse, mudroom, and guest suites. Among the running list of add-ons, this stunning property now includes Niche modern kitchen pendant lights.


Inspirational Interiors for Your Aurora Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 12/28/16 9:00 PM

One of the original Niche designs, the Aurora modern pendant light features our signature inward curvature that perfectly showcases the nostalgic style bulb. Here are three inspirational interiors featuring this classic silhouette.


3 Residential Interiors with Multi-Pendant Lighting

Posted on 12/28/16 5:00 PM

Whether you cluster an array of pendants in a single glass color or group multiples in varying hues, our modern pendants offer endless possibilities. Get inspired by these three residential interiors with multi-pendant lighting displays. 


Inspiration Behind the Bella Pendant's Contemporary Colored Glass

Posted on 12/27/16 5:30 PM

The Bella modern pendant light is the sleeker, little sister of Niche’s Bell Jar pendant. This silhouette lends itself beautifully to environments where repetition is appropriate for high impact, such as a row of lights over a kitchen counter or a cafe bar. Illuminating interiors with a radiant glow, our contemporary colored glass is influenced by the beautiful details all around us. Take a look at a few of the Bella pendant's available color options and the inspiration behind these breathtaking hues. 


Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes from Niche

Posted on 12/25/16 10:30 AM

Niche would like to extend warm wishes to you this holiday season and thank you for supporting our original, handmade products. It is our pleasure to have our luxurious modern pendant lighting serve as the backdrop for the magical holiday moments that become lasting memories. As we grow with anticipation for this season's celebrations, get in the spirit with our newest videoMay the year ahead be merry and bright!


Santaluz Home Features an Array of Handmade Glass Pendant Lights

Posted on 12/23/16 6:30 PM

Architect Bruce Peeling and Dawson Design Group joined forces to transform this Santaluz home into one that reimagined and modernized a mid-century California ranch. The homeowners purchased this property in a planned community that offers plenty of charm but bears strict guidelines about what home styles can be built. After deciding that they wanted a contemporary, one-story house designed around a central courtyard, the couple had to convince the architectural review board that the home wouldn't upset the status quo of the community. After receiving approval, the renovations were underway, and the final design includes several handmade glass pendant lights throughout the interior.


See Modern Pendant Lighting on Dwell's New User-Centric Platform

Posted on 12/23/16 2:25 PM

Dwell — a publishing platform that originally began as an architectural and design magazine — recently unveiled their new, user-centric platform that allows visitors to build personal profiles, connect with like-minded individuals, share content, and create self-curated collections. "With Dwell, we have the amazing opportunity to build a collaboration platform on the foundation of a trusted resource with iconic imagery and insightful content," says the magazine's CTO, Bobby Gaza. "Users on the new platform will be able to curate their feed and choose the ways they'd like to engage with the community."



Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Niche's Senior Sales Associate Shannon

Posted on 12/22/16 7:00 PM

Meet Shannon, the Senior Sales Associate at Niche! Our favorite quality about her? She is incredibly thoughtful, knowlegable, and truly exceptional at what she does. Keep reading Shannon's employee spotlight to learn more about her role at Niche and what she enjoys doing in her spare time.


Niche Handmade Pendant Lights Spotted in Exotic California Residence

Posted on 12/22/16 3:52 PM

Tucked into the hillsides of Marin County, California, this extraordinary yet contemporary home draws inspiration from the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area environment. Dawson Clinton, a full-service contracting firm, worked hand-in-hand with the clients to create an ideal space that can be appreciated for both its aesthetic beauty and functionality. Among the exoctic animals and exhibition of artifacts situated throughout the home, Niche handmade pendant lights can be found adding a modern touch to this eclectic interior.