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Watch Team Niche Create Our Newest Hand-Blown Glass Pendant Light

Written by Samantha | 11/9/16 5:00 PM

Behind every hand-blown glass pendant light is a team of experienced and talented glass artisans. In our Beacon, New York studio, we design, prototype, and produce all of our glass, including the latest addition to our luxurious lighting line. Take a look at the glass-blowing process to see how Niche crafts the new Pinch modern pendant light with care and quality in mind.


At Niche, every pendant begins with a sketch from our Creative Director, Jeremy Pyles. Every detail is carefully thought out between a team of designers, glass artists, and technicians in our factory. During production, a bubble of hot glass is blown into our Pinch mold to create the pendant's shape.


The reflective shape of the handmade Pinch modern pendant light creates a sense of symmetry and balance, adding beauty to every environment.


The Pinch Series is available in Prisma and Chroma color palettes, which feature our signature transparent and opaque options like the one seen here.



Each Pinch pendant is inspected, then cut, drilled, ground and polished by hand in our Cold Shop to ensure they meet our standard of excellence. When you purchase a Niche product you are investing in quality, integrity and design.