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Introducing the Ellipse Modern Pendant Light

Written by Samantha | 10/18/16 5:33 PM

On the long road home there is a light which follows... the presence of the sun, golden and slowly fading. The spark of a friendship, unfolding. The moon moving in, ushering the night. We are drawn to light. We feel magical and possible under its glow. Illuminated. A mystery shifts and begins to show itself. Another adventure begins. Explore the story.

At Niche, we are proud to design handmade modern glass lighting which has become the backdrop and inspiration behind countless moments and intimate conversations. Now, we are pleased to share with you the Ellipse Grand and Ellipse Petite pendants — the newest additions to Niche's modern lighting collection. Simple, elegant, and available in translucent and milky hues, the Ellipse Series adds a classic touch to any environment.


You can now shop our newest modern pendant light in Grand and Petite sizes with a mixture of bulb and color options.