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Inspirational Interiors for Your Modern Chandelier

Written by Samantha | 9/22/16 1:00 AM

The possibilities with our Sola Modern Chandelier collection are endless! This chandelier can be personalized to suit your unique project, making it not only desirable for its contemporary design, but also for its functionality. Create your custom look by selecting the glass shape and color, metal finish, and overall height to revitalize your space with new lighting.

1. Residential Chandelier Lighting

Dine in style! Solitaire glass suspended over a tabletop make a bold statement. Go classic with our Crystal glass or choose from an array of shades to add a pop of color to your kitchen and eating area.

2. Retail Chandelier Lighting

Create a focal point in your shop with a modern glass chandelier. Our signature Pod chandelier adds a sophisticated look to any space and the pendants give vertical length through their slender shape. Choose from three metal finishes including the Satin Brass metal finish (above), which achieves a classic and timeless touch.

3. Hospitality Chandelier Lighting

Leave a lasting impression on your guests by lighting your lounge area with multiple Solitaire chandeliers. These fixtures enhance a sophisticated space and create a cohesive style.