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Inspiration Behind the Bella Pendant's Contemporary Colored Glass

Written by Samantha | 12/27/16 10:30 PM

The Bella modern pendant light is the sleeker, little sister of Niche‚Äôs Bell Jar pendant. This silhouette lends itself beautifully to environments where repetition is appropriate for high impact, such as a row of lights over a kitchen counter or a cafe bar. Illuminating interiors with a radiant glow, our contemporary colored glass is influenced by the beautiful details all around us. Take a look at a few of the Bella pendant's available color options and the inspiration behind these breathtaking hues. 


Amber Colored Glass 

The Bella pendant in Amber glass radiates a warm, alluring glow, perfect for creating a comfortable and cozy interior. The honey-colored hue is welcoming in any space, especially when hung in multiples from one of our Multi-Pendant Modern Chandeliers

Effervescent Colored Glass

Our unique Bella pendant in Effervescent glass is a playful yet tasteful addition to any environment. The optic bubbles, which are made by hand in our studio, create an effect that is reminiscent of raindrops beading together. The result is a highly textural glass pendant with a extra pizzaz.

Plum Colored Glass

The perfect purple shade for your Bella pendant, Plum glass brings warmth and intimacy to your interior. Hang a trio of Bella pendants in Plum glass over a kitchen island to add a pop of color to the room, or try grouping them with other rich glass colors like Amber and Crystal

Smoke Colored Glass

The Bella pendant in Smoke glass emits a subdued glow that complements interiors with both cool and warm tones. Try hanging multiples over a bar to create an impactful display of modern restaurant lighting.