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Helio Chroma Palette Reflects Pantone's Spring Fashion Color Report

Written by Samantha | 2/21/17 5:08 PM

Pantone's Spring Fashion Color Report is the essential color guide to the season. Inspired by the designs at New York Fashion Week, Pantone's top 10 colors fully capture the promises, hope, and transformation that we yearn for each Spring. Like Pantone's colors, our contemporary colored glass is influenced by the beautiful details all around us. Niche's Helio Chroma palette especially encompasses this and happens to coincide with several of the the selected shades chosen for 2017 by the world-renowned authority of color.





"Island Paradise" is one of the top ten colors chosen by Pantone this year. A refreshing aqua that is emblematic of tropical settings and the desire to unwind, "Island Paradise" inspires rejuvenation. The vibrant blue hue of our Helio pendant in Cielo glass echos this lively and natural shade. 









"Pale Dogwood" is a quiet and peaceful pink that evokes an aura of tranquility and purity. The subtle color complements our Helio pendant in Flamingo glass. The blush-colored light creates an unobtrusive and soft glow in any environment. 









Bringing forth a refreshing take, "Greenery" is a tangy yellow-green that signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate. This shade also happens to be Pantone's Color of the Year, which is a symbolic selection and a color snapshot of what the iconic company sees taking place in our global culture. The refreshing hue coincides with the luscious green of Niche's signature Helio pendant in Kiwi glass







We are constantly perfecting and improving our process to bring you the perfect palette of bold and luxurious glass colors. To see these beautiful colors up close and personal, get glass samples sent right to your home.