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Are Glass Colors on the Website Accurate?

Written by Samantha | 2/28/17 8:00 PM

We strive to represent our modern glass colors as accurately as possible. Please be aware that the color you see on your monitor will vary depending on monitor type, computer operating system (Macintosh is lighter than Windows) and many other factors out of our control. Printed materials also may vary.

Each piece of glass is individually hand-blown. While most people would not be able to tell slight variations in color from one piece to the next, there is a certain amount of variation involved. Please be aware of this. If your project has incredibly tight color tolerances, we may not be able to accommodate this. Although each piece is unique, we strive to maintain the specifications of our initial design and ensure that each piece meets our standard of excellence.

To save you the worry of ordering the wrong glass color, we offer glass color samples in a set of 3 and a set of 5 to help you choose the right shade for your space. After viewing samples, you'll be comfortable knowing that you are getting the right color. Learn more about how to order glass samples.