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3 Modern Interiors with Pendant Lighting Clusters

Written by Samantha | 3/15/17 6:30 PM

While Niche modern pendants look stunning on their own, we can't help but be mesmerized by clusters of our handmade lights. Whether you hang multiples of the same pendant or combine glass shades and colors, pendant clusters create a unique display for any interior. Get inspired by three modern interiors with Niche pendant lighting clusters. 

1. Modern Retail Lighting

Inside Frances May — one of Portland’s most dependable boutiques for men's and women's clothing — a pairing of our Solitaire and Stargazer pendants in Amber, Smoke, and Plum glass hangs in the center of the store. The simple shape of these two lights complements the shop's minimalist aesthetic and adds a playful touch to the high ceilings. The warm glass colors and varying drop lengths work together to form a contemporary retail lighting fixture, creating the perfect atmosphere for shoppers. 

2. Modern Restaurant Lighting

CBD Provisions is an acclaimed modern Texas restaurant located in Dallas' central business district at The Joule hotel. Niche Bell Jar pendants in Effervescent glass hang above guests as they dine in the establishment, where exposed brick walls, salvaged wood floors, leather banquettes, and a fully-exhibited kitchen evoke historic downtown Dallas. The texture of our Effervescent glass adds to the rustic aesthetic while creating a unique dining experience. The multiple junction boxes and varying drop lengths help to visually define the space, allowing this display of modern restaurant pendant lights to capture the eye's attention.

3. Modern Hotel Lighting

The decor in the Grand Hyatt Denver captures the beauty and spirit of Colorado culture. Guests are greeted in the lobby and lounge area by a dazzling display of Niche's Encalmo Stamen pendant lights in Chocolate-Smoke glass, which look spectacular hanging from the high, wood panel ceiling overhead. This pairing of Chocolate and Smoke warms up the communal space and complements the dark wood table tops, leather chairs, and fireplaces stacked in chiseled stone.