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What's Included When You Purchase an Ellipse Modern Pendant Light

Written by Samantha | 10/31/16 11:00 PM

Ready to place and order for your new Ellipse modern pendant light? Here's what comes standard with your order. 


Handblown Glass Shade

Choose an Ellipse Grand (left) or an Ellipse Petite (right) modern pendant light in one of our signature glass colors - Crystal, Gray, Amber, ChartreuseSmoke, Sapphire, Rose, Optique and Opaline.

5" Ceiling Canopy

Each pendant comes with a standard Black Canopy Kit and mounting hardware. Want to better match your ceiling? Select one of our custom canopy finishes - White, Brushed Nickel, or Polished Nickel.




Modern Lighting Cord Set

Your purchase includes a standard 8' Black Metal Cord Set. You can also choose a Silver Cord Set to customize your order. Have high ceilings? Choose from four different lengths to fit your space. 




Vintage Filament Style Bulb

The Ellipse pendants are compatible with a variety of unique bulb options. The Ellipse Grand pendant comes standard with the Incandescent Long Filament bulb, but it can also be used with the Incandescent Large Globe bulb or LED Long Filament bulb. The standard bulb for the Ellipse Petite pendant is the Incandescent Beacon bulb, but the Baby Plumen 001 bulb and LED Beacon bulb are also compatible.