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Stunning Hotel Pendant Lighting Display Spotted in Hong Kong

Written by Samantha | 2/6/17 9:00 PM

Located in Hong Kong’s up-and-coming area West Kowloon, W Hong Kong embraces the luxury and grandeur of a modern hotel. Among all of the spectacular amenities in this five-star establishment, Kitchen — an inviting modern bistro and all-day dining venue inspired by the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland — serves visitors throughout their stay. Within the magical surroundings of this eatery is a stunning installation of Niche modern lighting, which creates the perfect balance of playful and sophisticated in this setting.

A linear grouping of our Aurora, Bella, Bell Jar, Pod, Turret, and Minaret pendants hangs in the dining area and buffet. The warm colors of our Smoke, Amber, Crimson, Chocolate, Crystal, and Effervescent glass brings warmth to the hotel's environment, creating an intimate space for guests to gather. The combination of varying pendant shapes, colors, and drop lengths make this display of hotel pendant lighting truly unique.