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Private Workspace Incorporates Clusters of Office Pendant Lighting

Written by Samantha | 2/21/17 8:56 PM

Located in downtown Budapest, this private office designed by YOD Design Group provides the functionality of a workspace and the comfortability of home. Intended for a director and his assistant, the office doubles as a place where the business partners can unwind at the end of a hard day. The overall design elements are decadent, with rich tones and ornate patterns prominently featured. Niche office pendant lighting contributes to the mood of this professional yet casual environment by casting a warm glow throughout the interior.

In the main office, clusters of Pharos pendants in Gray glass adorn the director's desk and a conference table. United by a glass wall, the assistant's office incorporates another grouping of Gray pendants over a table. Our luxurious Gray glass complements the black patterned ceiling from which our pendants hang as well as the dark furniture. The soft light emitted from our modern pendants adds to the refined yet casual aesthetic. 

Our Pack Modern Chandelier collection groups tight clusters of Niche's Pharos and Helio modern pendants to design a compact and contemporary fixture. Easy installation requires a single electrical junction box. The color of the glass and drop length are up to you, making each installation completely unique. Looking for a custom canopy to accommodate more pendants? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team with any inquiries. They will help you get started on creating the perfect design for your next project.

Modern Office Lighting Project Details

Project Name Private Office

Location Budapest, Hungary 

Interior Designer YOD Design Group

Photographer Andrey Avdeenko