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Pinch Series Available in Prisma and Chroma Glass Pendant Light Colors

Written by Samantha | 11/7/16 9:24 PM

Our newest glass pendant light comes in not one but two color palettes! The Pinch Prisma and Chroma Series make for a beautifully unique display on their own or when paired together. With so many color choices, the Pinch is customizable to fit your space and your personality! Get to know the new colors!

Pinch Prisma Series

At Niche, our team melts the most pristine raw materials to make the most consistent and highest quality glass. We are constantly perfecting our color range to give you the most beautiful glass possible. The classic transparent colors make up the Pinch Prisma Series. Available in Crystal, Gray, Amber, Chartreuse, Smoke, Sapphire, Rose, and Optique, these pendants add timeless beauty to every environment. 


Pinch Chroma Series

Tulip, Clementine, Kiwi, Jade, Storm, and Cielo make up the Pinch Chroma Series, encompassing bold and luxurious hues that brighten any space.The reflective shape of the Pinch modern pendant light creates a sense of symmetry and balance and looks perfect on its own or in a cluster.


You can now shop the Pinch Series! Mix and match colors and choose from a variety of bulb options to create a display that defines you and your space!