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Inspirational Interiors for Your Pharos Modern Pendant Light

Written by Samantha | 12/6/16 9:42 PM

One of the very first designs in the Niche's modern lighting line, the Pharos modern pendant light looks fabulous in clusters or in lines of multiples over a kitchen counter or restaurant bar. Available in an array of our luxurious glass colors, our signature silhouette adds beauty and brightness to every environment. Get inspired by these three interiors with Niche's Pharos modern pendant light.  


1. Modern Dining Room Lighting

Serve up your meals with added style! Use traditional track lighting with Pharos pendants over your dining room table. Mix colors, stagger heights, or bring other Niche pendants into the mix to make an even bigger statement. 


2. Modern Entryway Lighting

Be bold with your lighting fixtures! A Niche Pack-9 Canopy boasts tightly grouped bouquets of our Pharos pendant, and it only requires a single electrical junction box for easy installation. The color of the glass and drop length are up to you, allowing for each installation to be completely unique.

3. Modern Bedroom Pendant Lighting

The Pharos pendant makes for a perfect bedside adornment when attached to an individual junction box and creates a soothing aura as your day winds down to night. Hang a single pendant above a nightstand or create symmetry with multiple pendants framing the bed.