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Inspirational Interiors for Your Oculo Modern Pendant Light

Written by Samantha | 1/5/17 9:35 PM

The Oculo modern pendant light gracefully embodies the luxury and timelessness of hand-blown glass while designed to be distinctively contemporary in shape. This signature silhouette makes a strong statement on its own or in clusters. Get inspired by these three interiors for your Oculo modern pendant light.


1. Modern Dining Room Lighting

Add a little more flavor to every meal by installing a cluster of Oculo pendants cascading from a Circular Modern Chandelier over your table top. Create a dazzling display with 3, 5, 7, and 9 pendants, or request a custom size. Multiple finishes are also available, so you’re sure to design the perfect piece for your setting. 

2. Modern Kitchen Lighting

Light up your interior and serve up your meals with added style by incorporating traditional track lighting with multiple Oculo pendants in your kitchen. Stagger pendants, mix colors, or add various glass shapes to make your installation truly unique.

3. Modern Living Room Lighting

The Oculo pendant makes for a perfect living room adornment when installed through individual junction boxes. Hang an Oculo or two above end tables and create a relaxing space as your day winds down.