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Inspirational Interiors for Your Bell Jar Modern Pendant Light

Written by Samantha | 12/21/16 9:15 PM

The Bell Jar modern pendant light is Niche’s contemporary take on a traditional, classic glass shape. Originally, a Bell Jar was used as a means for displaying an object within, but in this particular form, the Bell Jar modern pendant light is a chamber which casts a glorious, wide beam of light. Get inspired by these three interiors with this signature silhouette.



1. Modern Bar Lighting

Leave a lasting impression on your guests by lining your bar area with Bell Jar pendants. Hanging pendants in a line above the bar will help to visually define your space. The wide beam of light that is cast from this silhouette will bring warmth and intimacy to your social setting.

2. Modern Kitchen Lighting

Dine beneath added style! Traditional track lighting makes it easy to move and position your pendants however you please. Hang multiple Bell Jar pendants over your kitchen island to create a luxurious design. Mix colors and drop lengths to make your display truly unique.

3. Modern Dining Room Lighting

Add an extra bit of flavor to your meal by hanging multiple Bell Jar pendants from a Niche Linear-2 Canopy over your dining room table. Stagger the pendants and pair them with complementary glass shades and colors to create a custom, contemporary installation.