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Inspiration Behind the Solitaire Pendant's Contemporary Colored Glass

Written by Samantha | 12/15/16 9:45 PM

Our Solitaire modern pendant light is available in an array of our luxurious translucent glass colors. Illuminating interiors with a radiant glow, our contemporary colored glass is influenced by the beautiful details all around us. Take a look at a few of the Solitaire pendant's available color options and the inspiration behind these breathtaking hues. 



Amber Colored Glass

Our signature Solitaire pendant in Amber glass emits a warm, alluring glow, making its golden light perfect for any relaxed environment. This luxurious, honey-colored hue looks stunning on its own, hung in multiples, or when paired with other rich glass colors like Plum and Crystal

Gray Colored Glass

Gray is anything but drab! Our Solitaire pendant in Gray glass evokes an exquisite sophistication and brings a refined balance to any environment. Try hanging 3 or more from one of our Multi-Fixture Chandeliers for an impactful display of circular modern lighting.

Solitaire Colored Glass

The bold and beautiful blue of the Sapphire glass brightens any environment and sparkles just as much as its gemstone namesake. We recommend hanging the Solitaire pendant in Sapphire glass in a cluster for maximum impact, letting the beauty and symmetry of its shape shine.

Smoke Colored Glass

The Solitaire pendant in Smoke glass radiates a subdued glow that complements interiors with both cool and warm tones. Try pairing the Smoke Solitaire with other neutral glass colors like Gray and Crystal