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Inspiration Behind the Pinch Pendant's Contemporary Colored Glass

Written by Samantha | 11/11/16 8:30 PM

Choose from the Pinch Prisma Collection for classic color options or brighten any environment with our fresh, bright pendants from the Pinch Chroma Collection. The translucent glass in the Prisma Collection balances the opaque and bold colors in the Chroma Collection, and they both look beautiful on their own or when paired together. Take a look at the inspiration behind the Pinch pendant's contemporary colored glass.


Sapphire Glass Color

The bold and beautiful blue of the Sapphire glass brightens any environment and sparkles just as much as its gemstone namesake. We recommend hanging the Pinch pendant in Sapphire glass in a cluster for maximum impact, letting the beauty and symmetry of its shape shine.


Gray Glass Color

Gray is anything but drab! Gray evokes an exquisite sophistication that is both inviting and mysterious, especially for the Pinch pendantWhether you pair Gray with tile, marble, or textures, it will surely bring a refined balance to your interior.


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Kiwi Glass Color

Our Kiwi colored glass is a vivid, luscious green. Pair the Pinch pendant in Kiwi with neutrals or hang alongside pendants from the Prisma palette so it stands out in your space. 

Tulip Glass Color

The Tulip Pinch pendant is rich, elegant and captivating, much like the flower that inspired this glass color. Try hanging 2, 3, 4 or 5 evenly spaced Pinch pendants in a straight line using a Linear Canopy so the Tulip glass can truly liven your interior.


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