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How To Choose Dining Room Pendant Lighting

Written by Katie | 6/28/16 6:42 PM

No matter how many guests you're hosting, the right modern pendant lighting in the dining room is the centerpiece of the space. It should make a decorative statement, provide enough light for the table, and avoid unwanted glare. Dining room pendant lighting can be controlled by height and materials. Transparent glass, like Niche's line of modern lighting, will create an all-around glow whereas opaque metal pendant lights will make more downward focused light.


Multi-Pendant Dining Room Lighting



When three or more modern pendant lights are grouped together, you effectively have a contemporary take on a traditional chandelier. At Niche, you have the option to fully customize a multi-pendant canopy and we offer several configurations - Linear, Circular, and Pack. You can mix-and-match pendants of varying sizes, colors, and shapes or, keep all of the pendant lights uniform, like the dining room pictured right that uses our Linear-4 modern chandelier with the Encalmo Stamen pendant light in Chocolate-Sapphire.





Medium & Large dining room Pendant Lighting


Medium or large dining room pendant lighting offers even more possibilites. Using one modern pendant light will keep your installation relatively simple, but remember that proportion is important. You'll want to choose a pendant light that will complement the size and shape of your dining table, not overwhelm it. A good rule is to choose a pendant that is 6” narrower on each side than the smallest width of the dining table. In this dining room in a home designed by Allen Saunders Inc., Niche's largest pendant light, the Terra, complements the round Saarinen table perfectly.