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Hang Multiple Pinch Pendants From Niche Modern Lighting Canopies

Written by Samantha | 11/10/16 3:15 PM

Niche's modern lighting canopies are the perfect way to hang several of our new Pinch pendants. From 2 pendants to a custom canopy with as many pendants as you need, we are here to help you hang all of your glass from a single junction box. Keep reading to discover different ways to hang multiple Pinch pendants in your next project. 


The Linear Collection

The Linear Canopy displays a sleek line of modern pendants to create your own contemporary chandelier above any table, countertop or kitchen island. Available in multiple sizes and finishes, Niche's Linear Canopy allows you to easily install more than one pendant into a single junction box, making installation easy for any electrician. Hang 2, 3, 4 or 5 Pinch Prisma or Chroma pendants from a Linear Canopy to create an impactful lighting arrangement.

The Circular Collection

The Circular Canopy offers a simple way to cluster multiple modern pendants to create your own contemporary chandelier. The easy to install Circular Canopy is perfect for creating a cascading display of Pinch pendants. Hang 3, 5, 7, and 9 pendants for varying drop lengths, or request a custom size.